About the Comic

Deep underground, in a place far away from our world, exists the Railway System. A complex, mysterious network of trains, towns and mechanical monsters, these communities are open and known only to a few on Earth. Central to these communities are Guardians, people chosen at random and adorned with power. Leo is one such Guardian, and even though their burn-out and depression has taken hold of them, they have one last job to finish.

Gzhel Guardian is a Russian fantasy LGBT+ webcomic inspired by folklore and illustrated in gorgeous watercolor pages.

    Content warnings include:
  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Mild blood and general violence
  • Discussions of Queerphobic discrimanation
  • Discussions of Dysphoria

About the Author


One of Iceland’s Premier Comics Writers. Atla is Gzhel Guardian’s writer, as well as the chairman of and co-founder of the Icelandic Comics Society (TICS), a non-profit organization focused on increasing opportunities and infrastructure within Icelandic Comics.

A writer by trade since 2014, Atla’s comics generally approach urban fantasy and sci-fi from an introspective, thematic angle. Sad characters in strange worlds, dreamlike visions and a heap of found family making their way through difficult situations.

Atla’s main social media is her Twitter, though you can also contact her through her website.



Anya is a comics artists and illustrator from Russia, who breathes life into the work of Gzhel Guardian through their use of geometrical shapes and watercolor art